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Schedule for Lectors, Altar Servers & Eucharistic Ministers

November 9, 2019 – February 9, 2020

Christmass Eve & Day Mass & New Years Day  Schedule for St. Joseph’s

December 24th, Christmass Eve Children’s Mass: 6pm – St Joseph’s with Pageant; Lector: Fred  Garofalo; Altar Server: Cataldo; Eucharistic Ministers: B. Cloutier, K. Russo

December 24th, Christmas Eve: 11pm St. Joseph’s; Lector: P. Roy; Altar Server: Roy; Eucharistic Minister: L. Aliberti

December 25th, Christmass Day: 9am – St. Joseph’s; Lector: Tammy Poitras; Altar Server; Tice: Eucharistic Ministers; Betsy B. Krasucki, P. Tice, G. Englert

January 1st. New Years Day: 9am – St. Joseph’s; Lector: Linda Aliberti; Altar Server; Tice: Eucharistic Ministers; B. Cloutier, K. Russo

Religious Education Forms & Information

Youth Group Registration Form (grades 7 thru 12) 

Religious Education Registration Form